Benita Chick – Community Outreach Director

Post Date: June 17, 2018



Benita Chick – Community Outreach Director at the Commission on Youth’s Chairman’s Youth Office

Benita wears many hats, she works full-time as the Community Outreach Director at a private youth research think tank to engage with different stakeholders for youth-related issue, such as the recent proposed Youth Development Strategy. She is also the IDAHOT Director for Pink Alliance and is leading a meaningful project involving arts, education and awareness on IDAHOT Day.

Benitaholds a B.A. in Biology and Cognitive Science from Cornell University, Master in Marine Biology from Boston University and Postgraduate Diploma in Career Counseling from the University of Hong Kong. She has worked with youth extensively as a coach for experiential learning courses at Outward Bound, a student advisor in a local university as well as running student selections at Youth Arch Foundation.

During her spare time, she is as an award-winning LGBT Walking Tour Tour Guide and gives various talks and workshops on gender equality, gender diversity, feminism and D&I, etc. She was featured in a NHK World “Direct Talk” interview and China’s Daily interviewfor her diversity and inclusion, and advocacy work. Benita is also a certified scuba master and works with persons with disabilities