Kieran White-Senior Manager-Accenture

Post Date: June 17, 2018


Senior Manager at Accenture, Sydney

Kieran White is a Senior Manager in Accenture, specialising in customer experience design and channel strategy.

A strong believer in the importance of open and inclusive workplaces, Kieran was the founder of Accenture’s LGBT network in Hong Kong, and has worked tirelessly to attract, recruit and educate new ‘Allies’ about LGBT issues.  A series of innovative and varied events have helped to boost the profile of the network, and several of these initiatives are now being replicated elsewhere in the world.

Kieran has worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.  Although now based in Sydney, he retains an APAC role and continues to drive the LGBT agenda for Accenture in Greater China.

He holds a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Bath, UK.